Pretty Goes to a Tea Party (Pretty Tales Book 1)

by Cecília Vizvári A girl named Pretty is the main character in The Pretty Tales Series. She carefully selects her clothes and accessories from her wardrobes, fitting them with each occasion. Fiddly, her friendly, red tomcat helps her in this task. Watch out! This is a really girly tale! Only for girls, mothers and grandmothers.Bővebben: “Pretty Goes to a Tea Party (Pretty Tales Book 1)”

Naughty Bike (Bike Stories Book 1)

by Cecília Vizvári and Szilvió Vizvári In the first part of the Bike Stories you learn what could happen when all of a bike’s parts want to take different directions. Naughty learned the lesson that this would lead to no good. What happened to him and the one who helped repair the damage, I willBővebben: “Naughty Bike (Bike Stories Book 1)”

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Sir Carapace and Bobby-Robby (The Adventures of Sir Carapace and Bobby-Robby 1.) In the first part of the series, Sir Carapace builds his robot, to whom he nicknames Bobby-Robby. It seems as if the new device may go wrong right away. Or not? The story reveals how Bobby-Robby is the hero of the day and whyBővebben: “Coming soon…”

Space Pot and the Black Hole

(Tales from outer space Book 2) A long, long time ago, he was a shiny Sun in the sky. Yes, but over millions of years, he grew old and lost his planets and his light. He became a shriveled, dense, murky, and lonely globe. Imagine it like a solid chocolate ball… Free on Kindle UnlimitedBővebben: “Space Pot and the Black Hole”

Jupiter, the Best and Greatest

(Tales from outer space Book 4) “We are fed up with Jupiter’s self-importance! He is acting like the entire #solarsystem is spinning around him. He should be taught a lesson,” exclaimed the chorus of the thousands of meteoroids and minor planets… Free on Kindle UnlimitedClick here to buy