Bikes’ Christmas (Bike Stories Book 5)

What are you gonna read with your kids on Christmas eve? Don’t look any further… I have a great idea: In the fifth part of the Bike Stories the two bicycles, Naughty and Shrew set off for a ride on a Christmas morning. They were having a snowball fight when they got caught amidst heapsBővebben: “Bikes’ Christmas (Bike Stories Book 5)”

Naughty Bike (Bike Stories Book 1)

by Cecília Vizvári and Szilvió Vizvári In the first part of the Bike Stories you learn what could happen when all of a bike’s parts want to take different directions. Naughty learned the lesson that this would lead to no good. What happened to him and the one who helped repair the damage, I willBővebben: “Naughty Bike (Bike Stories Book 1)”