The Red Giant and the White Dwarf

(Tales from outer space Book 3) Do you know what makes the Milky Way so beautiful and shiny? Well, it all started when the Red Giant got into a fight with the White Dwarf again.Sir Carapace rushed to their aid on the back of The Pegasus, while the Space Pot cooked another batch of plumBővebben: “The Red Giant and the White Dwarf”

Pascal the Rascal Meteoroid

(Tales from outer space Book 5) Pascal, the truant, troublemaker, meteoroid boy has been the cause of a lot of annoyance to the planets. As a result of his pranks, the order of the entire galaxy was in danger. The little fireball was put in his place by Sir Carapace, White Dwarf, Enceladus, and Pegasus.IfBővebben: “Pascal the Rascal Meteoroid”

Pretty Prepares for a Costume Party (Pretty Tales Book 3)

What are you gonna read with your kids on Halloween evening? Don’t look any further… I have a great idea: This time Pretty is getting ready for a costume party. While trying on costumes, Fiddly disappears, so she’s forced to go look for him. Do you think the kitten will turn up eventually? Why isBővebben: “Pretty Prepares for a Costume Party (Pretty Tales Book 3)”