Pascal the Rascal Meteoroid

(Tales from outer space Book 5) Pascal, the truant, troublemaker, meteoroid boy has been the cause of a lot of annoyance to the planets. As a result of his pranks, the order of the entire galaxy was in danger. The little fireball was put in his place by Sir Carapace, White Dwarf, Enceladus, and Pegasus.IfBővebben: “Pascal the Rascal Meteoroid”

Pretty Prepares for a Costume Party (Pretty Tales Book 3)

What are you gonna read with your kids on Halloween evening? Don’t look any further… I have a great idea: This time Pretty is getting ready for a costume party. While trying on costumes, Fiddly disappears, so she’s forced to go look for him. Do you think the kitten will turn up eventually? Why isBővebben: “Pretty Prepares for a Costume Party (Pretty Tales Book 3)”