Bikes’ Christmas

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In the fifth part of the Bike Stories the two bicycles, Naughty and Shrew set off for a ride on a Christmas morning. They were having a snowball fight when they got caught amidst heaps of snow. Only a miraculous event could save them as the troubled Christmas ride becomes their most beautiful Christmas adventure.
How? Read the tale!

All is well that ends well 😉

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Space Pot and the Black Hole

(Tales from outer space Book 2)

A long, long time ago, he was a shiny Sun in the sky. Yes, but over millions of years, he grew old and lost his planets and his light. He became a shriveled, dense, murky, and lonely globe. Imagine it like a solid chocolate ball…

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Jupiter, the Best and Greatest

(Tales from outer space Book 4)

“We are fed up with Jupiter’s self-importance! He is acting like the entire #solarsystem is spinning around him. He should be taught a lesson,” exclaimed the chorus of the thousands of meteoroids and minor planets…

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